I'm John Schlaerth, a Project and Product Engineer at Aerojet Rocketdyne of L3Harris Technologies. Specializing in liquid propellant rocket engines, I handle diverse responsibilities across thruster systems, including analysis, design, manufacturing, and research. I coordinate strike-force project groups and lead multiple teams for successful outcomes. I hold two advanced degrees in Mechanical Engineering: a Master's from Columbia University with a focus on Robotics and Control Systems, and a Bachelor's from the University of Colorado Boulder, concentrating on product design and project management.​​​​​​​
In my career, I've demonstrated strong leadership and project management capabilities, managing six engineering projects and leading teams of 3 to 9 engineers. My expertise in team dynamics and organizational strategies is complemented by my proficiency in creative ideation, mechanical problem-solving, design, engineering analysis, and optimization modeling. Additionally, I hold a CSWA certification in Solidworks and am skilled in CAD, engineering illustration, programming languages (C++, Matlab, Python), graphic design, and various manufacturing techniques.​​​​​​​
My leadership experience is further augmented by my roles in ROTC as Deputy Flight Commander and Deputy Squadron Commander. During my brief time in ROTC, I successfully led groups of 10 to 40 cadets, enhancing my capacity to guide and motivate diverse teams effectively. This experience has been a valuable addition to my professional skill set, enriching my approach to leadership within the engineering sector.​​​​​​​
Beyond my professional ambitions of entrepreneurship in engineering, my personal interests include painting, videography, photography, and outdoor activities like surfing and mountain biking. My academic passions outside STEM lie in philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, art history, and literature. My career and hobbies reflect my commitment to blending technical expertise with creative expression and intellectual exploration.
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